Management and employee issues hamper productivity, create a negative environment and can lead to a disengaged, dysfunctional workforce. These issues can also result in both difficult and damaging legal actions that must be handled quickly with guidance from experienced, trusted attorneys.

If your company is dealing with a workplace harassment, gender discrimination in the workplace, workplace bullying or other claims, contact McKenna Storer for experienced negotiation and litigation services. Workplace harassment and bullying cases are diverse in nature due to the uniqueness of different industries. Our team has the knowledge and skills to achieve successful resolution for your organization.

Our employment law team deals with disputes and litigation involving the following:

The details surrounding workplace harassment are critical to protecting your company from disgruntled employees and a damaged reputation. In-depth investigations combined with our knowledge of unique industry considerations allow our team to argue your case and defend your company.

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With the rapid evolution of Workplace Harassment laws it is impossible to control or predict the actions of every employee and fully eliminate risk of an employment-related claim. However, with careful planning and preventative measures, you can limit the likelihood of workplace harassment situations at your company.

Over the years, our employment law team has spent countless hours helping employers dealing with workplace harassment cases. As a result, we’ve acquired a keen ability to identify patterns and develop methods of prevention that help you avoid workplace bullying claims and harmful employee litigation. We share our wealth of knowledge and resources with our clients through insightful counseling and preventative services. Our mission is to help companies like yours create a compliant, welcoming and productive work environment that is free of disruption due to employee unrest.

Our Employment Law team can help your company with timely recommendations, proven techniques and legally binding policies to mitigate workplace issues, including but not limited to:

  • Diversity: Considerate, inclusive and up-to-date policies for race, religion, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation and other sensitive cases
  • Requests for Accommodations: Guidance on Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and individual verbal and written requests based on familiarity with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) policies and specific medical considerations


The employment law attorneys at our firm have expertise in matters dealing with workplace harassment, employee rights, and Human Resources protocols. With decades of experience, we have helped companies facing EEOC charges and resolved a variety of harassment, bullying and discrimination claims.

Our proven negotiation strategies and record of success allow us to present companies of all sizes with alternatives to trial. Many clients prioritize a fast, discreet, and final resolution to workplace discrimination and harassment cases. Achieving these goals for your organization is our measure of a successful case.

We routinely represent clients before local, state and federal agencies, including:

  • Illinois Department of Human Rights: Negotiations and representation based on eligibility, policies, rules and regulations
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC): EEOC charges, investigations and representation
  • Illinois Department of Labor: Specialized understanding of claims, complaints, processes and procedures
  • Illinois Department of Employment Security: Assistance with benefits, taxes and rights for employers and workforce partners
  • Cook County Department of Human Rights, Ethics and Women’s Issues: Specific knowledge, argumentation and documentation for gender discrimination in the workplace
  • Chicago Commission on Human Relations
  • United States Department of Labor: Federal case representation that is knowledgeable and thorough, taking into account available evidence and future repercussions


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