Malpractice disputes and malpractice claims can wreak havoc on your professional career and damage your hard-earned reputation. At McKenna Storer, our malpractice lawyers understand the devastating nature of these actions and the negative impact they can have on the success of your business and career. If you are faced with a potential liability claim or threat to your professional license, the well-respected and experienced McKenna professional liability team is ready to help.  Through a mix of practical advice and aggressive representation, we devise a legal strategy taking into account your unique circumstances and focus on obtaining the best possible outcome.

McKenna Storer attorneys are called on to represent clients in a wide-range of professional liability and malpractice matters that include:

  • Misrepresentation: From professional skills to product promises, our team has experience with claims of misrepresentation
  • Errors & Omissions: Regardless of the scope, scale or impact of the claim, you will receive sound legal advice that applies to your specific situation
  • Omissions: Individualized counsel and case building that is focused on the unique attributes and requirements of your role and industry
  • Negligence: Get representation for medical malpractice, dental malpractice, legal malpractice, health and safety violations and any other negligence charges you or your company face
  • Fraud: Providing services that cover large corporate cases and small family business charges
  • Non-performance: Meticulous reading of contracts and other legal documents combined with full knowledge of employee, client and employer rights at federal and state levels

McKenna Storer’s professional liability lawyers have extensive experience with malpractice litigation and intimate knowledge of the laws, regulations and policies by which professionals must abide. Combining this specialized knowledge and decades of collective and diverse experience gives our attorneys a strong foundation to build your case.

Maintaining your license to practice your profession is integral to your success. If you receive notice of a disciplinary complaint or action by your profession’s licensing authority, it’s important to seek prompt advice from a licensing attorney. Backed by exceptional resources and experience, our licensing attorneys are highly responsive and ready to advocate on your behalf. Because we are well versed in dealing with local licensing authorities, we can help if you’re running into an issue obtaining, renewing or keeping your professional license.

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