Legal malpractice actions are often complex and carry consequences beyond just a verdict, putting a legal professional’s entire career and livelihood at risk. If you are an attorney facing a malpractice action or a malpractice insurer looking for counsel, it is critical to seek advice from experienced legal malpractice attorneys. The legal malpractice attorneys at McKenna Storer represent lawyers and law firms in any stage of legal malpractice litigation. From prompt resolution of a threatened dispute to aggressive representation when a trial is imminent, we are here to help.

Protecting the professional is our paramount concern. With a strong commitment to our clients and our profession, we have successfully defended legal professionals in a variety of legal malpractice claims, including:

  • Professional Negligence

    Representing law firms and individual attorneys with extensive experience litigating issues regarding standard of care

  • Misrepresentation

    Distilling what was communicated to the client and why

  • Fee Disputes

    Covering everything from fee agreements and specific contract violations to monies owed or due

  • Defamation Actions

    Tailored advice protecting your reputation and right to practice law

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty

    Addressing disputes about the attorney as a trusted advisor

  • Ethical and Statutory Violations

    Defending ethics allegations before regulatory bodies and courts



As an attorney, navigating ethics and practice issues can be challenging. When you need guidance from an experienced attorney in such matters, our legal malpractice law firm is happy to offer tailored advice for fellow legal practitioners. Because of our firm’s depth of expertise, lawyer clients can receive guidance, representation and concrete solutions for a broad range of legal matters unique to attorneys and legal practices:

  • Risk management to cover audits, loss prevention counseling, and advice to help law firms maintain efficient, ethical operations
  • Actions related to violation of the RICO Act covering allegations of witness tampering, financial fraud, and other activities considered as “racketeering” with liability for civil and criminal penalties
  • Disputes related to partnerships, profit-sharing, compensation structures and fees
  • Guidance on organizing business structures and models, including mergers and acquisitions
  • Dissolutions, buy-outs, separation of partners, bankruptcies, and processes for wrapping up a firm’s closure
  • Matters of ethics and professional responsibility
  • Controversial or alleged misuse of civil proceedings
  • Defamation suits and class actions
  • Investigations led by regulatory and governmental agencies
  • Shareholder agreements, company bylaws, employment terms, and HR policies

It is not always easy to create distance and analyze legal matters with the same practical approach and knowledge you offer your own clients when you are faced with a legal situation that affects your own legal practice. Our years of experience give us the tools to address our colleagues’ need for services that go beyond malpractice cases.

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