No business is too small or too “low tech” to escape privacy and cyber liability concerns. The highly connected digital world opens up a new range of opportunities, but also increases the risks and responsibilities your company faces for cyber liability. If your company is collecting data of any kind, whether for employees, clients or customers, it must be protected. A security breach can irrevocably damage the trust your customers and your clients have in your company and force you to face a broad range of legal repercussions. Allow the McKenna Storer team to mitigate your company’s risk or provide litigation representation with our data privacy services.

Whether you collect sensitive digital information necessary to run your business or process routine online transactions or mailing lists, every company today needs to adopt a comprehensive data privacy and cyber security policy. Protect your interests and your clients’ and employees’ information with the right policies and procedures. With advice from our data privacy attorneys, you can ensure that your systems, processes and policies are up-to-date, capable of resisting security breaches and well-suited to meet increasing compliance standards and regulations.

If your business is looking to protect existing information or your company is dealing with the consequences of unsecured data, McKenna Storer’s experienced lawyers can help. You will receive knowledgeable guidance on every aspect of data collection and security: preservation, identification, hosting, processing, review, storage and deletion. Protect your company and the personal information you collect with guidance from our team..

The legal services we offer for data privacy and cyber security include:

Ten Data Privacy Issues Every Business Must...

In this guide, we give you come valuable information about data privacy that you have probably not considered:

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With the passage of the Cybersecurity Act of 2015, the importance of data privacy and cyber security for both government and business is clear. Business in the digital age is constantly evolving. It is crucial to be proactive and remain informed on laws and regulations impacting your business and its operations. Oversights can cost your company in dollars, time and reputation.

If your business is ready for an action plan to institute a cybersecurity policy, consult with McKenna Storer’s data privacy attorneys for advice, ongoing counsel and representation. With flexible options for companies of all sizes, we customize our legal services to meet your particular requirements. Whether you have recently adopted a new third-party software application or need guidance on the best practices for any stage of the data security lifecycle, we can provide clarity and ensure compliance. Trust our team for practical data privacy advice on everything from cloud computing and e-commerce transactions to ensuring security of all the information your company handles.

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