Today’s Employment Law landscape can seem like a minefield of complicated rules and regulations which could result in heavy penalties for even minor infractions.

As an employer, our attorneys who specialize in employee relations can help you navigate that minefield with practical and workable policies and procedures to ensure legal compliance and reduce employment-related risk.  If adequate preventative measures are not in place or employee relations issues arise regardless of precautions, our Employment Law attorneys are ready to provide you representation tailored to your specific needs, company goals, and desired outcomes.

We provide effective employment law counseling for companies throughout the employment cycle – from hiring to termination. Some of our employment law services include conducting internal investigations and advising clients on employee policies and procedures, employee handbooks, employment contracts, severance agreements, executive compensation, and other employment-related agreements.

Make your company more resistant to expensive, unexpected and reputation-damaging employee lawsuits by putting the right checkpoints, policies and procedures in place. The McKenna Storer team will provide the right advice and a range of customized solutions to ensure your company and management are compliant and fair to job candidates and your employees, from interview to retirement.

You can consult our attorneys on the following with regard to employment standards, policies and procedures, and more:

McKenna Storer aims to provide each and every client with access to the resources and strategies necessary to avoid employee lawsuits. Contact us to establish compliant, comprehensive and detailed protection for your organization.

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Laws and regulations surrounding employee relations and the workplace are constantly evolving. As an employer, you have no choice but to be proactive and take preventative measures to reduce your company’s employment-related risk. All hiring, terminations, and contractual agreements must be completed in compliance with local laws. Rely on McKenna Storer’s employee relations attorneys for guidance when developing policies, implementing procedures or facing litigation from an employee.

Our team of employment law attorneys assist you with issues related to diversity, employee handbooks, hiring policies and decisions, employee discipline and termination, requests for accommodations, trade secrets and non-disclosure agreements, employment contract disputes, and more.

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